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Zap! Eliquid Nic Salts

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Zap! was created in the UK from the love of flavours. Originally launching with 6 flavours, Zap! caused a stir in the vape industry with their fantastic branding & flavour profiles crafted so well they instantly gained popularity. Further down the line, Zap! introduced AISU which is an Asian themed range with delicate flavours, again done perfectly! Zap! continues in 2019 to dominate the UK vaping market with their products.

Melonade - Better than lemonade, it's Melonade! The luscious blend of honeydew melon andthirst-quenching lemonade. 

Peach Iced Tea - Simple and Sweet. Soft peaches and loose tea leaves in a relaxing mixture, perfect for a peaceful day in the garden.

Snow Pear - A ferocious snowstorm rages within the sweet Asian pear, just plucked from the mountains of China!

ZAP! Nic Salts  in 10ml bottles, 50:50 blend, 20mg and 10mg (limited)

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