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Tasty Fruity 100ML Shortfill *NEW*

  • £14.00

Blue Raspberry by Tasty Fruity is a flavour to make the mouth water. An electric blend of scrumptious blue raspberries providing a bold, sweet, lip smacking taste. 

Grape by Tasty Fruity features a delicious black grapes flavour blended with cool menthol and the right amount of sweet for a perfectly balanced vape.

Pink Lemonade by Tasty Fruity is a tart, juice pink lemonade vape juice with hints of refreshing greatness that's sweet and zings your taste buds with citrus tones. 

Tropicana Pinegrape by Tasty Fruity is a fruit blend that features a medley of Pineapples and Grapes, offering a sweet, tropical flavour with a cool refreshing menthol undertone throughout.

Mango Blackcurrant

Tasty Fruity 100ml Shortfills contain no nicotine. There is space for 2 x nicotine/zero shots to be added to make a complete 120ml e-liquid. 

70% / 30% | VG / PG

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