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Frukt Cyder Nic Salts 10ml (20mg)

  • £4.50

Mango Raspberry
On summer days you might be looking for an incredible refreshment, you must try our cider flavours by Frukt Cyder. A juicy mango and an fresh raspberries can be the best choice on a hot sunny day.

Mixed Berries
A fresh mix of wild berries with a sweet and sparkling cider twist will make you want more than a bottle of FRUKT CYDER. Nothing taste better on a hot summer day than something sparkling and sweet with fruit tones.

Strawberry Lime 
A great combination between lime and strawberry that will make your tongue to enjoy a juicy FRUKT CYDER experience. This combination will tantalise your senses. 

Passionfruit is a very popular and desirable flavour, keeps things exotic with a smooth finish and a juicy aftertaste. FRUKT CYDER has combined a fruit flavour with a sparkling effect of cider. Fresh and tasty, you must try it.

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