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Element/FAR Nic Salts 20mg

  • £5.00

Element/FAR Eliquid 50:50 20mg Nic Salts in 10ml bottles.

USA manufactured, UK Tested.

Element NS:

Fresh Squeeze - We’ve peeled back the secrets of creating natural, freshly squeezed orange flavour in this sweet and tangy citrus blend.

Pink Lemonade - Zingy lemonade blend with just the right amount of red fruit. A slight tang on the tongue gives way to a smooth citrus exhale.

Watermelon Chill - Refreshing watermelon meets the smooth chill of mint. This unique combination is the perfect remedy to beat the heat.

FAR NS (by Element):

Candy Punch - Inhale candy punch and delight your taste buds with the sweet bursts of candy which are guaranteed to take you back to the memories of childhood trips to the sweet shop! This intoxicating candy blend is full of the delicious sweetness of colourful fruits designed to create a rainbow in your mouth!

Grape Vape - This full bodied blend of concord, ruby and red globe grapes is certain to satisfy the taste buds of grape and candy lovers. Created with a selection of carefully chosen bright, fragrant grape flavours designed to satisfy your sweet tooth!

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