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AISU (by ZAP!) 50ml Shortfill

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Zap! was created in the UK from the love of flavours. Originally launching with 6 flavours, Zap! caused a stir in the vape industry with their fantastic branding & flavour profiles crafted so well they instantly gained popularity. Further down the line, Zap! introduced Aisu which was an Asian themed liquid with delicate flavours, again done perfectly! Zap! continues in 2019 to dominate the UK vaping market with their products.

Blue Raspberry - Feel the cool shade of a fruiting bush, while lying on a gentle hill. As you gaze out at the passing/inspiring view that would relax any calm soul. With our authentic Blue Raspberry, you can watch the world come to you.

Dragonfruit - Ride on the back of the giant serpent as you taste his delicate fruit, with the cold wind filling your lungs. Traverse the skies with our authentic dragonfruit flavour.

Green Apple Crisp notes of slightly tart, apple flavour characterise the inhale, which plays well with the menthol exhale that creates a cooling sensation that lingers after every vape.

Pink Guava - Ascend the pink blossom tree as you inhale the sweet and tarty scent from the sweetest fruit at the top of the tree and exhale for smooth ice blast as you descend. With out authentic Pink Guava, you’ll see the seasons bloom.


AISU eliquids comes in a 50ml shortfill containing 0mg nicotine. You can add a 10ml nicotine shot/ zero shot within the bottle to achieve a completed 60ml liquid. AISU are a 70VG30PG Blend.

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